Fresh Breath Tongue Cleaner

The Oral Hygiene You've Been Missing

Research reveals that a tongue collects bacterial plaque the most. Brushing the teeth alone is not enough to resolve a foul breath that sometimes leads to losing self-confidence. Attain that minty and long lasting fresher breath you've been wanting for so long with regular use of this Fresh Breath Tongue Cleaner. It is clinically proven to effectively reduce bad breath and remove bacteria caused by sleeping at night. It is easy and convenient to use with its ergonomic design. Made of biodegradable material so it is totally safe and soft enough to prevent yourself from getting hurt. Use it after tooth brush and dental floss for the best results. Make those foul breath disappear with the help of Fresh Breath Tongue Cleaner. Get yours now!


Item Type: Toothbrush
Material: ABS
Age Group: Adults
Quantity: 1pcs Tongue Cleaner
feature: tongue cleaner scraper
material: plastic