Gecko Air Freshener Doll

Product Description

The cute side of an air freshener doll!

The Gecko Air Freshener Doll is a doll where you can hang in your car or anywhere at home. It absorbs harmful odors like it is nothing. It also freshens up the air around you and your family. Made from high-quality cotton to ensure long-lasting use and it adds a bit of cuteness and softness to it. The Gecko Air Freshener Doll naturally helps remove bacteria, odors, allergens and even harmful pollutants. It also rejuvenates and dehumidifies the air around you to prevent mildew, excess moisture and molds. It has this detachable tail where you can put in charcoal or scented stones while it purifies your air and making it fresh, clean and breathable. Get this adorable Gecko Air Freshener Doll today!


Item Type: Air Freshener
Shape: Solid
Item Width: 10 cm
Material: Cotton
Item Height: 5 cm
Item Weight: 160 g
Item Length: 40 cm

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