Gold-Foiled Playing Cards

Playing cards in gold and silver will wow your friends

Poker cards are simply playing cards until they're plated in precious metals. These playing cards have that casino quality that you, your family and friends will enjoy playing high stakes with. Each pack contains 52 cards and 2 joker cards, with various design etchings at the back of each card. These cards have been imbued with a kind of craftsmanship suited for the best card players around. Get a deck or get a pack with a luxury box to protect these high-end playing cards.

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Game Difficulty Level: Primary
Maximum Player Number: 18
Type: Normal
Tabletop Game Product: Card Cover
Game Length: 0-30 minutes
Minimum Player Number: 2
Material: gold foil plated

Gold $100 Bill (Cards Only)
Gold €500 Bill (Cards Only)
Gold Lattice Pattern (Cards Only)
Gold $100 Bill (With Luxury Box)
Gold €500 Bill (With Luxury Box
Gold Lattice Pattern (With Luxury Box)
Silver $100 Bill (With Luxury Box)
Silver €500 Bill (With Luxury Box)
Silver Lattice Pattern (With Luxury Box)