InstaGone! The Stain Removal Pen

Remove stains like never before!

Removing all kinds of stain has never been this easy. By using InstaGone! The Stain Removal Pen, you can save a lot of time using chlorinated detergents that cause damage to your clothes. It has a natural fragrance that's not irritating to your nose. It's in a size of a pen, definitely a space-saver! Order now and experience removing stains that are easy as pie.

Detergent Type: Cleaner
Detergent Use: Apparel
Fragrance: Natural Fragrance
Use: Personal Washing/Cleaning/Care
Applicable Scope: Silk and Woolens
Applicable Clothing: All Clothing
Product PH Value: PH = 7
Classification: General
Shape: Liquid
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Packaging: Bottle
Type: Detergent
Specification: 30g