Hidden Magnetic Locks

Keeps The Apple In Your Eyes Safe and Sound!

Baby proof your home with the Hidden Magnetic Locks. It keeps your kids away from those drawers and cabinet that might contain fragile or important things. These locks are perfect for babies and toddlers for it allows them a nonstop exploration around the house. The Toddler Hidden Magnetic Locks can only be opened by a magnetic key. It is so easy to install, no need to screw anything just peel off the adhesive and stick it on.

Usually, a home contains more than 1 or 2 cabinets and drawers but with this set, we've got you all covered. It contains 4 Pcs of Toddler Hidden Magnetic Locks that you can install on your preferred drawers and cabinets.

Keep your little rascals safe without even changing anything in your home with this Toddler Hidden Magnetic Locks now!

*One order for 4 pieces*



Item Type: Cabinet Locks & Straps
Usage: Drawer
Function: Drawer Lock
Material: Plastic