Ice Cold Patella Brace

Minimize the swelling and reduces pain

Knee pain can really mess up your sport. Whether you are dealing with an injury or fighting through your joints, you need to be wise and wear an effective knee support like the Ice Cold Patella Brace. It is made of a soft, elastic, and safe material, even better for sensitive skin and all group of ages. This is definitely an ideal daily routine and extreme sports use. The Ice Cold Patella Brace also provide relief, relaxation, and soothing sore muscles after a long and hard fought game/day. Cold is the best choice to keep your legs going, strap this to your legs now!


Item Type: Knee Support
Age: Universal
Material: Silicone Mesh
Suitable sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Running, Climbing, Tennis, & Football
Feature: Absorb Sweat, Antislip strips, & Velcro Paste
Size: Free size
Package: 1 Pair