iSafety Cooking Glove

Multi-purpose glove for a perfectly cooked meal!

Protect your hands while cooking with this extreme heat-resistant glove. This iSafety Cooking Glove has the ability to resist heat temperature up to 425 Degrees Fahrenheit. It is made of a silicone material with its non-stick feature that is not only durable but also convenient to use, lightweight, flexible, and safe for food. It's insulated waterproof gloves are perfect for grills, grabbing food from microwave, and holding any hot kitchen tools when you're cooking. Bake and cook your favorite dish using this free-size handling gloves confidently and safely.

Enjoy cooking with this iSafety Cooking Glove now!

Material: food-grade silicone material
Size: 27 x 18CM, a unilateral thickness of 2.2mm, belonging to thick version.
Single Weight: 200G per PC
Style: Dotted
Usage:Cooking gloves
Package: 1pc x iSafety Cooking Glove