Jar Baggies

Stands Like A Real Mason Jar

Ditch those disposable plastic bags that can hurt our beloved earth. Stash your food in this reusable and unbreakable Jar Baggies. The Jar Baggies keeps your food fresh and away from bacterias. It has so many ways of uses than those throw away plastic bags. The Jar Baggies is completely BPA-free that has a zipper airtight designed and leak-proof feature. With an extra durable material, it is less lightly to break down from those refrigerated and hot foods. Aside from food, it is also great for storing your important jewellery, crayons, pens, toothbrush and other school and bathroom things.

Available on 3 big Jar Baggies and 4 small Jar Baggies. Grab yours now!


Item Type: Food Storage
Plastic Type: ABS
Material: Plastic

Big 3pc
small 4pc