Kendama Toy

Traditional Japanese toy for fun and concentration

Improve your focus with this toy!

The Kendama Toy is a traditional toy still popular even today in the age of video games. It's a Bamboo made toy that presents both children and adults alike with the challenge of being able to make the ball impale onto the spike. It's a toy that will indeed make you think of a strategy to get the ball impaled. It will not only challenge your thinking but you will also have fun in the process. The Kendama toy is a good brain teaser without the need for electricity nor is it expensive like other toys and games.

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Gender: Unisex
Age Range: 6 years and up
Material: Wood
Features: Sports
Type: Kendama Ball
Material: Bamboo
Length: 18cm
Diameter: 6m
Big Cup Diameter: 4.1cm
Small Cup Diameter: 3.7cm