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Labyrinth Rolling Ball Toy


Keep Your Kids Entertained

You will find this Labyrinth Rolling Ball Toy a good piece of addition to your childrens toy. It is not the common toy you usually see around but it is somehow an educational one. It harnesses your kids focus and mind intuition. 

Keep the roll from rolling until it usually reach the hole but it will never be an easy one. The labyrinth is a maze and every corner is a dead end, so be sure to make the wisely. Good to be played with time and with other friends during parties. 

Order Number: 3x3x3
Warning: no
Age Range: 5-7 Years,8-11 Years,12-15 Years,Grownups,> 6 years old,> 8 years old,> 3 years old
Type: Puzzle Cube
Material: Plastic
Features: Mini
Model Number: MAGIC CUBE
Feature1: 3D
Feature2: Maze
Feature3: magic cube
Feature4: Puzzle Speed Cube
Feature5: Labyrinth Rolling Ball Toys
Feature6: Educational Intelligence