Leather USB Bracelet

A Fashion Statement With BIG Capacity!

A USB flash drive that you'll never misplace or lose. The Leather USB Bracelet stores any data, documents or files like what a flash drive should be. The only difference is the style that no other flash drives have. Its bracelet is made from high-quality leather while its flash drive's casing is from high-grade metal. The Leather USB Bracelet targets a top-class look with an outstanding data storage capacity and performance. Choose between red and blue to mix and match with your favorite OOTD. Order the Leather USB Bracelet today!


Interface Type: USB 2.0
Material: Leather
Style: Rectangle, Bracelet
Encryption: Yes
Color: Red and Black
Capacity: 32GB 16GB 8GB 4GB
Speed: 15m/s and 5m/s
Storage Capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB