A smart multifunction mobile accessory

USB fans that can be plugged into your mobile devices are already common. This LED Fan has a unique function that displays the time through LED lighting. Simply plug and play to your laptop or desktop computer. The LED Fan consumes less power and with a bendable neck, it's easy to set it in any direction you want. 

Here's how to set the time:

  • To activate the LED clock display, plug it into your computer via USB port.
  • Press the button and hold to make the minute hand blinks and until the hands begin to rotate. You can also press "SET" to make changes to the minute/s.
  • Time will automatically be saved if no activity is detected after 6 seconds. No need to reset every usage.

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Product Length: 40cm/15.75”
Working Volt: 5V
Working current: ≤350mA
Fan Diameter: 88mm/3.46”