LED Voltage Detector Pen

Wireless Electric Current Detector!

A standard multitester is sometimes a little bit unsafe because it needs a physical contact and is not completely reliable when detecting a voltage. The LED Voltage Detector Pen is a next-generation non-contact voltage sensor.

This voltage detector is kind of a wireless in nature and safe to use because you don't have to physically touch the bare live wire metal in order to see if it has voltage. Like a lot of voltage detector out there this LED Voltage Detector Pen tips has a green light when it's turned on. When it beeps and the green light turns red, it means that there's a live voltage.

It is run by 2 AAA battery and rated to have a low power consumption for a long run of usage. The plastic used in this LED Voltage Detector Pen is very sturdy and it's perfectly sculpted with a modern design. No problem, if it's dark for it has a built-in LED light so you can see even if its dark. There's no question that this LED Voltage Detector Pen is the future.

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Dimensions: 152*23*15mm
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Operating Temperature: Normal
Accuracy Class: 1
Power Supply: 2 x AAA Batteries
Display Type: LED light
Frequency Range: 50 to 500 Hz
Safety Rating: CAT II 1000v
Material: ABS Plastic
Net weight: 45g
Measuring Range: 90-1000V