Leg Acupoint Brace

Say Goodbye To Leg and Back Pains!

Always feeling back pains everytime doing some exercise or just standing up? You are might suffering to what we called 'sciatica'. A pain we endure that might starts from the leg but really originates from the lower back and radiates downward to your sciatic nerve at the back of your legs.

Don't worry, the Leg Acupoint Brace ease and relieves the pain that sciatica brings. Just strap the brace around your leg and it will effectively compresses the sciatic nerve and bring comfort to you. The leg is the acupuncture point that's why it's the target of the brace.

You can wear the brace when going to work, doing some exercise or just on regular days. Relieve those pains now and get the Leg Acupoint Brace now!


Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Medium
Application: Leg
Material: eco-friendly
Type: acupressure pad brace
Size: one size(adjustable)
Material: (eco-friendly)