Luxury Bath Bombs

Pleasing Aroma and Smells So Wonderful!

Feel like a royal king, queen, prince, princess, or even a mermaid everytime you take a bath. If you're looking for an alternative and affordable way to enjoy and relax a bath in a luxurious way. Then you must try this Luxury Bath Bombs. First of all, the Luxury Bath Bombs has a price tag that won't hurt your wallet. It is purely handmade, packed with essential oil, and natural ingredients presenting a gratifying way to treat and indulge in aromatherapy and moisturizing benefits. Just drop the Luxury Bath Bombs to your bathtub then enjoy the color and fragrance that you lust from rose, green tea, lavender, lemon, milk, and mint. The Luxury Bath Bombs can be a perfect Christmas gift that you can add to your list for your family and friends. Using it on a daily basis can effectively soften skin, remove dead skin, and burns unhealthy fats which makes your skin smooth, firm, and tender.

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Item Type: Bath Salts
NET WT: 100g
Application: Skin
Ingredient: Pure Natural Mineral Composition