Magic 8-In-1 Saw

A multipurpose handsaw for various indoor and outdoor tasks

This handsaw is handy and convenient!

Gone were the days when tools had to be all bulky and problematic in storage. The Magic 8-In-1 Saw is only a fraction of the traditional saw in terms of size. This set includes a regular saw blade, flat saw blade, a special diamond blade, a sharpening blade for knives, a drill and a glass cutter that may also work for stone. Work on various materials such as wood, plastic, rope, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, stone and more! The Magic 8-In-1 Saw not just a carpentry tool and other industries. Use it to manage indoor and outdoor home fixes and maintenance. Bring it along on your outdoor trips whether on land or at sea!

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Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.3 x 1.2 inches
Product Weight: Approx.228g
Material: Metal/PVC
Pieces per set: 9 pcs
Set includes:
-1x Magic Saw
-6x Saw Blades
-1x Drill
-1x Screw