Magic Cleaning Cloth

Much Better Than Cotton

The Magic Cleaning Cloth is made out of premium quality bamboo fiber which makes it an ultra-absorbent cleaning cloth. This is by far the greatest cleaning cloth that has the best absorbent material in the market right now. The Magic Cleaning Cloth absorbs any liquid like a magnet. It has the tenacity and strength to absorb over 500ml of any liquid substance. Just wipe the liquid spill, then let the Magic Cleaning Cloth pull and leave the surface orderly and neat. You can use it to clean and dry your car, home appliances, pet, windows, and more. Plus, you can also cut it according to your preferred size. Now you can clean and dry anything without leaving anything behind using this Magic Cleaning Cloth. 

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Item Type: Towel
Feature: Anti-grease, Eco-friendly
Material: Cloth
Cloth: Bamboo Fiber