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The Charger Your Macbook SHOULD'VE Come With

Don't you just wish sometimes that your Magsafe is a bit smaller so it could fit into tight spaces? Or that once plugged in, it won't come off, just because something nudged against it? Now, that's no longer a problem with this Magic Plughead that fits right smack against your wall or floor socket. Your Mac adapter can now sit cozily, flushed against your wall, or floor, allowing you uninterrupted and accident-free charging. Get more work done while Magic Plughead gives your charger the capability to conveniently squeeze in between that heavy sofa or cabinet and find its niche on that socket on the wall. Oh, and did we mention it fits ALL Apple charger rated for 10w, 12w, and 29w?

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Compatible: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, All iPad except the original iPad Mini.
Dimensions: Length 10.8cm, Width 6.5cm, Height 2.2cm

Note: Package includes ONLY the replacement duck-head adapter, NOT the whole charger and that the adapter plugs into TYPE A and TYPE B plug ONLY. If you're ordering from Europe or Oceania please note that you won't be able to plug this into your wall socket directly!

$19.99 $34.99
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