Magic Wand Electric Levitation Stick

Prepare to be mesmerized!

The Magic Wand Electric Levitation Stick is designed to mesmerize people who find levitation curiously mysterious. With this levitation stick, you'll get as close to performing real magic as you can be and you don't have to be Harry Potter to do it. It emits a static charge that allows the users to let the specialized shapes fly, collapse and bring it back to life again. It really is as if you are performing real magic. It is also a fun and an educational way to have kids direct themselves in learning the fascinating power of static electricity and the repulsion of the same charges with this levitation stick. Get this amazing electric levitation stick and prepare to be mesmerized!


Type: Levitation Stick
Age Range: 5 years old and above
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic
Size: M
Performance Form: Close-up Magic