Magik Pens

Color-changing pens that inspire kids' imagination 

Give your children art supplies and you will be amazed in what they can come up with. Give them a set of these color-changing pens that magically alters color on paper. Let them create their favorite drawings and encourage them to be as creative as they can. This is an awesome way to bond with your kids. The pens are non-toxic and come in a set of twenty pens (9 color pens, 9 changing pens or activator pens, 2 magic pens). Use the color-changing pens first and then go top the ink with another color on the cap. Fix mistakes with the magic pens that magically erases color. Bond with them with these amazing pens. Order the whole set today!

Material: Plastic
Type: Drawing Toys Set
Age Range: > 3 years old
Gender: Unisex
Warning: Only for kids Ages 4+
Feature: Non-toxic
Package Content: 1 Keg Magic Pens set