Privacy Guard

Keep It Hidden!

This Privacy Guard will protect your identity and your personal information from identity theft. You can stamp your old bills, shipping receipts, invoices, and other financial statements that you want to throw from being used and spoil your personal information for bad intentions. 

The Privacy Guard is an easy way to obscure personal information you want to be kept confidential. With a unique jumbled pattern using a special oil-based ink that won't come off and cannot be deciphered from either side of the page. Perfect for security and protection.

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Type: Roller Stamp
Size:4.7 cm x 4 cm x 7.5 cm

How to Use
Step1•__Please find your personal informationåÊdocument
Step2•__Press the button at the top

Step3•__Place the roller onto the parts that you wish to block out, move the roller back and forth until all personal information is completely invisible

Precautions: easy cartridge replacement