Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description

Mighty cleaning tool!

Bringing your laptop anywhere and using your desktop keyboard day and night results to dust and dirt accumulation that piles up around the tiny opening and corners of your keyboard. Wiping it with a cloth over and over again can only remove the dust on the surface. That is why you need to have this Mini Vacuum Cleaner. It suctions out dirt particles that have been accumulating on your keyboard and even removes the one that you cannot see. It also allows you to easily clean your home appliances and furniture, sweep suction hair on your garment, dust and fur on your cushion and the like. 

Enjoy using your laptop without the hassle of cleaning it up after. When it comes to keyboard cleaning, nothing compares to this Mini Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner!

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Type: Household Cleaning Tool
Certification: CE
Size: 300mm x 300mm x 75mm
Cord Length (m): Wireless
Battery Life: 1 hour
Power (W): <500W
Vacuum Type: Cyclone
Function: Sweep Suction
Installation: Upright
Special Suction Nozzle: Clean Cyclone, Dust Collection Nozzle
Dust Storage Type: Dust Box/Dust Bucket
Voltage (V): 3V
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