Miracle Beard Bib

Keep your sink clean and clear as you shave

No fuss sink cleaning after your morning ritual!

The Miracle Beard Bib will simply catch all the unwanted hair that gets cut off from your face. If you're a man who values time management and simply smart accessories, choose this bib to help you avoid cleaning your sink after you're done with your own facial regimen. Simply attach the Miracle Beard Bib around your neck and stick the suction cups found at the other ends of the bib to your bathroom tiles to both sides of the mirror. Clear away your unwanted stubble without the worry of hair getting anywhere else but on the bib. Because a meticulous man out to conquer the world doesn't have to bother with trivial things, he will use the only the best to work in his favor.

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Use: Cleaning, Hygiene
Classification: Sleeveless Apron
Material: Cotton
Type: Waist
size: 120x80cm
Occasion: home bathroom
Use: Beard Care
color: black, yellow, white, pink, red