Miracle Kinetic Sand

Product Description

Sand that needs no water

Create different shapes and build without the need for water with Miracle Kinetic Sand! This colorful play sand makes an awesome building and shaping material that kids and the young at heart can both appreciate. Create fantastic designs to your heart's content!

The Miracle Kinetic Sand can retain its shape without the need to get wet for long periods of time because of its consistency. Would you believe it doesn't make as much mess? Compared to regular sand, it's easier to clean and pick up after since each grain sticks to each other. No stressful clean ups no matter how much your kids plays with it!

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Gender: Unisex
Age Range: 5-7 Years
Type: Colored Sand
Number of colors: 6 colors

1 pack: 100grams (average purchases 3-5 packs)

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