Motorized Camera Slider

Produces a Movie Like Shots

Whether you're a pro or simply want great videos and photos for your family this is a tool that every family must have. Taking steady and smooth videos or clear photos can be achieved with the help of the Motorized Camera Slider. This smart slider stabilizes your camera or smartphone that prevents vibration so you can take the perfect shot. 

The Motorized Camera Slider is powered by rechargeable batteries via USB that can last up to fours hours. Controlled by a remote control, it has a sliding mechanism and can be rotated 360 degrees, plus you can fold them too. And it can easily attach to your phone or camera for a secure and hands-free operation.

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Item Type: Camera Slider
Size: 190x140x60mm
Compatible: Cameras & Smartphone
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Fastest Speed: 2.5CM/S
Middle Speed: 2.1CM/S
Lowest Speed: 1.7CM/S