Smart Nut 2 Alarm Locator

Product Description

Locating things has never been this easy!

TheåÊNut 2 Tag Smart Mini Bluetooth Alarm Locator is designed to make lost things easier to find. It's universally compatible with any mobile device you have. Whether if you have lost your keys, smartphone, coin purse or anything at home, at the office or a stroll in the park, this amazing mini alarm tag locator will definitely be your silver lining. Of course, for this locator to work, you'll need to follow the instructions that come with the package, onåÊhow to install the app and how to bind the tags. Once everything is set up, finding your lost things would be a piece of cake. The best words to describe this incredible locator would just be simply creative and ingenious. Get this today and you'll see how remarkable these little things can be!


Language: English
Compatibility: Universal
Application Age Group: Adult

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