Paw Plunger

 Eradicates dirt on your pet's paw!

 We all know that the paws of our pet can easily get dirty. Then cleaning their paw is a must before entering the home to avoid any infections and dirt from spreading. Don't worry for you can handily and effortlessly clean their paws using this Paw Plunger.

The Paw Plunger is so easy to use and safe from your pet. Simply add water and gently put each paw inside of the Paw Plunger. It's a pet tool that is perfect for any kind of weather from winter, spring, summer, and fall! Clean your pet's paw before they clean them first on your favorite sofa or recently clean floor and carpet.

With this, let your furry best friend jump on your sofa and play inside your home without you worrying. Grab it now!


Item Type: Paw Cleaner
Applicable: Pet
Plastic Type: ABS
Material: Plastic

Rose Red