Perfect Painter

Paint your home the no-mess way

Wall painting becomes very stressful when paint also ends up on your floors and furniture. Better ditch your old brushes and paint rollers because the Perfect Painter is here!

The Perfect Painter is a paint roller with a built-in chamber where the paint is contained and flows from the inside. The roller itself, when pressed to the wall, oozes out paint subtly to produce an even coating to the surface. Absolutely no drippings onto the floor or anywhere where you don't want to be ruined by paint. This set of Perfect Painter contains tubes that can be extended to reach the higher part of the walls and a tub to help ease paint into the roller's chamber. 

Never be bothered with a messy home painting task ever again. Make Perfect Painter a part of your home improvement!


Material: PP and aluminum
Aluminum tube length: 72cm
Cup size: 15*8cm
Brush size: 19*9*20cm
Package size: 26.5*22.5*10cm
Brush color: brown & gray


Package contents: 

1 x Paintbrush Roller
1 x Cup
1 x Aluminum Tube