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Perfect Portions


The Ultimate Guide in Losing Weight

Start using these perfect portions in your daily meals and see your body shape up in just 3 weeks. Losing weight doesn't have to be so difficult when you have these practical set of food controllers. What you get in this set? 7 practical containers that you can fill with the right food of the right amount you need for a healthy and slimmer you. Includes fruit container, 2 pieces seeds and dressing, healthy fats, carbs and veggies with perfect lids for keeping food fresh.

What are you waiting for? Start your 21-day wellness with these perfect portions!

Style: Europe
Material: Plastic
Size Green and red box: 93 mm in diameter, 58.7 mm high, about 290 ml
Size Orange box: 80 mm diameter, 43 mm high, about 210 ml
Purple box: diameter of 80 mm, 52 mm high, about 250 ml
Blue box: diameter of 63.5 mm, 63.5 mm high, about 120 ml
Yellow box: diameter of 50 mm, 30.5 mm high, about 32 ml
Weight: 0.19kg