Pest Injector

The Pest Terminator!

Spread this Pest Injector into the hiding place of a cockroach. You won't hear from them anymore when this is around your home. The Pest Injector is like a nuclear bomb to all cockroaches. The active ingredients of fluorine worm nitrile which are odorless and eco-friendly but harmful to cockroaches. Not only it kills cockroaches but it also destroys and blocks egg hatching. They will get magnetize by its smell causing them to eat it. When they die it causes others to be attracted to the dead one, then start eating it resulting in massive cockroaches death.

Eliminate cockroaches tonight with this Pest Injector!


Power Source: Sun Battery
Sheet Size: 1m*1m
Fragrance: Scentless
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Specification: Monolithic
Applicable Area: 20 square meters
State: Liquid
Object: Cockroaches
Time Used: 12 Hours
Pest Type: Cockroaches
Pest Control Type: Pesticide