Plant Flourishing LED Light

Your Plant Certainly Need This Lights

The lights of this Plant Flourishing LED Light is wonderful for every plant of any kinds like fruits, vegetables, and flowers. With its flexible and adhesive feature, you can adjust the strips and stick it close to the plant to ensure your plants are getting the best possible lights. The Plant Flourishing LED Light is 5m long and is totally waterproof so don't get worried if it gets wet. It has UV light that promotes healthy plants growth and kills away pest. It consists of two lights the blue and red but when combines the light will become pink. The blue help the plant by enhances its normal growth and red promotes the plants production like flowering and sprout.

The Plant Flourishing LED Light is surely the key to have beautiful plants. Grow your plants as perfectly as you desire with this Plant Flourishing LED Light now!


Item Type: Grow Lights
Power Source: DC
Body Material: ABS
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Certification: CE,CCC
Features: Waterproof
Voltage: 12V
Width: 10mm
Is Dimmable: Yes