PolyWatch - Crystal Scratch Remover

The Ultimate Scratch Remover for Watches!

A common reason why watches are being discarded is because of those hideous scratches on their window cases. It's a waste throwing watches that are still good to use. The PolyWatch will turn your scratch-full watch back into its grandoise look again! You only need a small amount of this amazing scratch remover. Simply put a drop of this PolyWatch, wipe with a clean cloth and then, voila! You'll have a watch that looks better than it used to be. Get this at a very reasonable price. Order the PolyWatch today!


Item Type: Repair Tools & Kits
Material: Glue
Item Diameter: 0.8 cm
Type: Tools
Item Length: 4 cm
Item Height: 0.5 cm
Feature: Scratch remover