Portable Alcohol Tester Torch

Keep safe with keychain alcohol tester

Measure your alcohol intake!

The Portable Alcohol Tester Torch is a small-sized lifesaver. This keychain device can measure the alcohol in your system through breath analyzing. At a dangerous level, you should not be driving and instead, have a friend who's sober enough to take you home or commute. It also has a built-in flashlight to help you illuminate your way with your tipsy state.

To use the Portable Alcohol Tester Torch, press and hold the POWER button for the green light to turn on and start testing right away. Take note of the corresponding light colors and their meanings: 

-Green Light (Safe at 0.02% Blood Alcohol Content or 0.1mg/L BRAC) 
-Yellow Light (Keep Caution at 0.02%-0.05% Blood Alcohol Content or 0.1mg/L - 0.25mg/L BRAC)
- Red Light (Hazard at over 0.05% Blood Alcohol Content or 0.25mg/L BRAC

When it comes to your own safety, never be too careless. Buy the Portable Alcohol Tester Torch today!


Power supply: 2pcs 1.5V AAA battery(NOT included)
Dimension: 70 x 40 x 18mm
Color: black
Unit packing gross weight: 45g