Portable Beach Shades

At Home Comfort Even in the Sand & Sun!

Your scheme of an excellent vacation at the beach can go from fancy to horrible if you don’t have the right accessory.

A Portable Beach Shades is a superb idea to help make your beach vacation more memorable and delightful. It is a mini umbrella that allows you to rest, lay, and enjoy. It is so portable too, transporting won't be a problem with its foldable feature and under the headrest, you can store six drinks to keep them cool and away from the sun. It even has its own cooler pack, so your drinks will absolutely maintain its freshness and coldness. Not to mention, the ultimate solar power attachment with a cooling fan, keeps your phone fully charged and you'll never feel the harsh heat of the sun. Plus, the side pocket is perfect for a phone holder or any other essential that you have.

The Portable Beach Shades is the one that you want to bring in any beach vacay, order it ASAP!


Size: 46cm*36cm*24cm
Material: Plastic
False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
Type: Sun Shelter