Portable Octopus Tripod

Grips Anything just like an Octopus!

This is not your typical tripod for the Portable Octopus Tripod can do things beyond limitation. The Portable Octopus Tripod is a flexible tripod that dwells various of impressive balls and joints which grant you to secure your camera to almost any object. It is ideal for photographers who are always on the go because its mini size is not a burden on your backpack. You can wrap this up in any place that you can imagine like a tree, chair, pipe, and much more that you want to set up. With this, your camera is in the perfect place to shoot a perfect timing. Grab it now!


Type: Flexible Tripod
Max Extended Length (mm): 165
Weight (g): 45
Use: Video Camera
Material: Aluminum & Sponge
Maximum Load: Around 500g
Product Features: 360 Degrees Bending or Rotation
Small Applies: Small Camera
Medium number Applies: Small and Medium Size Camera
Large Applicable: SLR Digital Camera, Small and Medium Size Camera