Power Nibbler Cutter

Make Countless Cutting Job a Lot Faster!

The Power Nibbler Cutter does a groovy job at cutting through any metal sheets in the most precise way. Easy to use and pretty convenient to handle, the Power Nibbler Cutter is the best choice when you want to work with any kind of sheet materials. This nibbler spins 360 degrees and has a 3000 rpm speed, making it an extremely lightweight unit for an easy and effortless working experience. It is also extremely constructed with a smoothly fitting and slender design along with a built-in thickness gauge for added comfort and easy gripping.

The Power Nibbler Cutter is so versatile that it can handle any cutting job easier and safer so grab it now!

Speed: 1500 - 3000rpm
Minimum Cutting Radius: 12mm
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Item Type:Metal Cutting Tool
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