Rapid Bag

Extra storage that fits in your pocket

Organize everything in an instant!

Plastic bags and paper bags - just some of the of man-made temporary storage containers that plagued our homes but not as much as it did our environment that's going to suffer in a couple of years from improper disposal. This is why the eco-friendly Rapid Bag was created - to offer a reusable solution for storage problems that will also benefit the environment.

Rapid Bag is a foldable container that will easily fit into your pocket, your car dashboard, or in your bag. Because of it's collapsible and foldable features, it can be brought anywhere just in case you'll need a container for anything. Rapid Bag can easily be cleaned and reused again and again so you won't ever need plastic and paper bags.

Get eco-friendly smart and order the RapidBagtoday!


Type: Storage Bags
Shape: Square
Capacity: 80ml
Feature: Folding, Eco-Friendly
Use: Travel
Thickness: 6 wire
Applicable Space: Wardrobe
Material: Polyester
Specification: 80 x 60 x 40cm
Form: Rolling Type
Pattern: Three-dimensional Type
Classification: Vaccum Compressed Bag
Product: Travel Luggage Storage Bag

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