Rapid Salad Maker

Every day is a Salad Day!

In preparing a delightful salad, it usually takes more effort on slicing and takes time on rinsing. But have you ever wondered how to prepare a healthy salad in a hasty way? Well, this Rapid Salad Maker is a highly recommended product for all vegans and the health conscious out there! The Rapid Salad Maker will help you prepare a salad in just 60 seconds!

Yes, 60 seconds is all you need to have a beautiful, fresh and evenly cut veggie salad. Try these quick and easy steps to prepare a salad using the Rapid Salad Maker. First, put all the vegetables and fruits in the Rapid Salad Maker, then rinse them cleanly. Lastly, chop your favorite spices all at once in the special barrier hole. Voila! Your salad is ready!

Start a healthy diet today by purchasing one of this Rapid Salad Maker!


Plastic Type: PP
Feature: Stocked, Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic
Function: 60 Second Salad Maker
Item: Salad Cutter Bowl