Rat Sticky Trap

Laid, Catch and Repeat!

Hate rats? The traditional rat trap won't help? Get this Rat Sticky Trap now and catch those irritating pest that keeps on crawling around your house.

Rats are disgusting pest that invade your house and a danger carrier of infectious diseases, get rid of them just by using this Rat Sticky Trap! Laid these pad in the corner of your house and wait until those pesky mice gets trap in the sticky pad. This way you can keep them off for real!

This sticky pad is non-toxic, environment-friendly, non-pollutant and totally safe for human. It is very easy to use, just follow the direction on how to use the pad indicated in the product package. The sticky pad works effectively with bait.

Get one of these now and get rid of those pest immediately.


Power Source: Sun Battery
Time Used: >480 Hours
State: Gel
Capacity: 1
Sheet Size: 1m x 1m
Charger: Not Applicable
Pest Type: Mice
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Applicable Area: <20 square meters
Design: Regular
Packing: Box
Product: Accessories
Fragrance: None
Net Weight: 0.5-1KG
Use: Sticky Glue Mice
Pest Control Type: Sticky Glue Mice