Runaway Alarm Clock

Product Description

The most clever and playful alarm you could ever have!

Struggling to get out of bed early in the morning? Now you can get over with that in a moment with this runaway alarm clock! This clever clocky will wake you up and will jump off your table with a clamorous sounds and flashing as it hides from you, forcing you to get out of bed and turn it off! Marvelously crafted, this multifunction alarm can snooze from 0-9 minute duration, with running status (move forward, backward, clockwise and counter, clockwise rotation, 360 degrees rotation and other irregular rolling movements) clever enough to play hide and seek with you! A backlight feature is also incorporated that enables you to see time even at night!

What do you need to make this clever alarm clock work? As little as 4 AAA batteries powerful enough to make it jump up to 3 feet high without being shattered. Wheels are detachable if you want to decorate it on your desk. Hurry and SHOP Now!


Type: Alarm Clocks
Diameter: 2.5 mm
Length: 17 mm
Motivity Type: Digital
Screen Type: LED
Width: 11 mm
Display Type: Digital
Shape: Geometric
Style: Modern
Form: Single Face
Material: Plastic
Function: With Backlight
Feature: Calendars
Weight: 0.355 g

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