Safety Handlebar Light Indicator

Have A Safe Ride Everytime

Night run is usually the best time to enjoy ride not to mention the cold breeze of air and the beautiful city lights but sometime riding at night leads to unprecedented accidents. Stay safe everytime and give proper warning and signal to other commuters and riders when you install these Safety Handlebar Light Indicator .

These handlebar light indicators gives automatic signal to other drivers and commuters of the direction you are going, or your current position in the road. It has high lumens grade that is enough to be seen at night. This is a great bike accessory and pretty useful when you love riding at night or doing an outdoor run in the mountains or different routes.

Easy installation process and works great with different mountain bikes design. The product size fits universally to all handlebars. No need to worry now in enjoying a great night run, just be sure to install these accessory and you are good to go.

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Width: 300 - 400mm
Clamp Diameter: 20 - 22.5mm
Type: Rest Handlebar/TT Handlebar
Use: Mountain Bikes
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Components: Bar Ends
Fit: 22.2mm handlebar
Battery: 2*CR2032
Working time: 80 hours