Safety Knob Cover

Safety is a Major Priority in Every Family

Limit your child from tampering with the stove control using this Safety Knob Cover. It will save your family from getting burn, scalds, and gas leaks that can cause a potential fire at your home. This incredible Safety Knob Cover is made of heatproof plastic and has a universal design that will fit in every stove or oven. It can give a quick access to adults while keeping your kids safe. Aside from that, young ones are sure to have a hard time messing with it. The Safety Knob Cover is highly recommended to every family out there!

What are you waiting for? Give the Safety Knob Cover a chance to protect your loved ones now! Get 4 pieces of Safety Knob Cover when you buy it today at $19.99.


Item Type: Edge & Corner Guards
Applicable: Oven Stove Switch Knob Cove
Pattern Type: Solid

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