Scuba Anti-Fog Full Face Diving Mask

The Perfect Gear for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling!

If you love exploring the waters through scuba diving and snorkeling, this mask is for you! The Scuba Anti-Fog Full Face Diving Mask can give you a more enjoyable underwater experience! Unlike the usual diving gear, this one covers your entire face, so you won't feel uncomfortable under water. It is enhanced by a dry top technology so you can breathe completely and easily while snorkeling. It even has a tempered glass so you are guaranteed reliable protection for your face! 

Mount your GoPro or underwater camera to this mask, and capture nature's underwater beauty. Get yours today!


Material:liquid silicone and PC
Package weight:
0.531 kg
Package Contents:
1 x Mask, 1 x Snorkel, 2 x Anti-skid Ring, 1 x Storing Bag, 1 x English Manual


Blue M
Blue L
Black M
Black L
Pink M
Pink L