Secret Safe - The World's Most Discreet Safe

Safe and Inconspicuous!

In this generation where robbery is still abundant, keeping your valuables is one of your top priority. No better keeping them than the Secret Safe. It's the world's most discreet safe! On the outside it's an English dictionary but on the inside is where your treasure lies. It looks dull but it perfectly blends in with other books you have. Thieves won't even bother to rummage a silly dictionary. The Secret Safe is definitely what you need today! Choose from a variety of colors available. Order the Secret Safe now!


Type: Storage Boxes / Safe
Shape: Square
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy
Technics: Glossy
Specification: 80 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm
Color:Black, Red, Sky Blue and Chocolate
Style: Classic
Material: Metal
Use: Jewelry
Load: 100 kg

Sky Blue