Self-Watering Animal Planters

Cute Animal Planters To Love 

You will definitely love these cute animal planters when you place this at your desk. It will surely add some cute design and decoration in your room all the while you have cultivated a cute planter right in your table. 

You can choose from a cute monkey, dog, or a cat to carry the little planter with you. Just slowly shower the plant at the back of the animals and cultivate it every day and you will see each day it will grow.

Enjoy cultivating the plants and you will definitely love the results.


Product Type: Bonsai
Use: Indoor Plants
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Classification: Mini Garden
Full-bloom Period: None
Type: Foliage Plants
Flowerpot: Planted with Pot
Location: Office Desks
Function: Air Purification
Size: Mini
Applicable Constellation: Pisces
Climate: Subtropics
Style: Annual
Sprouting Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
Sprouting Period: 4-7days
Growing Temperature: 25-36 degrees Celsius
Illumination: Light requiring
Sowing Time: All seasons
Size: W: 8cm*H:15cm* D:6.4cm
Weight: 0.1kg
Material: Ceramic for animals and plastics for glass
Package: box-packed
Shape: Monkey, Dog, Cat