Selfie Stick Karaoke

Sing And Record Karaoke From Anywhere!

Karaoke is great fun, but usually you have to go to a KTV or be at home to do it. Wouldn't you love to burst out into song and dance wherever you are?! Finally you can with Selfie Stick Karaoke!

Whether you're at home, school, on your lunch break at work, or even walking around outside, you can now sing karaoke with your friends or by yourself. Selfie Stick karaoke is also a selfie stick, which means you can record videos of yourself singing. Record videos for fun, or so you can play it back and see where your singing needs improvement.

Simply operate your mobile phone with a karaoke app and set it on the selfie stick. Connect it to any Bluetooth-capable speaker. Take a microphone and attach it to the other end of the selfie stick. Open the karaoke app and choose a song. Make parties and reunions more memorable with this awesome stick!

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Style: Handheld Microphone
Package: Yes
Communication: Wired
Use: Karaoke Microphone
Self-timer pole microphone: yes
K song dedicated: yes