Smart Nail

Impeccable Combo of Style & Technology!

The Smart Nail is consisting of three layers which are the N2M, N2F, and N2L. The N2M is as thin as 0.15mm, the N2F is 0.13mm, while the N2L is 0.05mm. Each in every model has its own kind of special function, for example, the N2M can simulate into any type of IC card, the N2F can break a wide range of function with a smartphone using NFC, then the N2L flashes when it detects high-frequency signal.

The Smart Nail has an amazing feature, it is designed with high-grade waterproof and there is no charging required, you can reuse them again and again. Installing is as quick and easy as counting 1,2,3, just attach them accordingly starting from N2M, N2F, and N2L. It is suitable for any kinds of nails. You will never feel any discomfort because it is made of soft and premium grade materials. You can paint them with any color of manicure to make them look more attractive and stylish. The Smart Nail is the future and key to all gadgets and machines. Give it a try now!


Language: English
Type:Nail Gadget
Compatibility: Android
Application Age Group: Adult
N2M: Copy the Simulation into Any One IC Card
N2F: Connect NFC Smart Phone
N2L: If Encountered High-Frequency Signal will Flash
Frequency range: 13.56mhz