THIS Makes You Get Up Every Morning

Say goodbye to the traditional alarm clocks and welcome the Smartrug! Smartrug is the revolutionary alarm clock that won't stop ringing and buzzing until you wake up. This is the first of its kind that needs human interaction before it actually stop ringing.

Unlike the traditional alarm clocks that stops when you hit it with your hand and you can go back to sleep, the Smartrug is different. You need to wake up, stand up and put down your feet in the rug for 30 seconds until the alarm stops. It even greet you to start your day right!

The Smartrug is a battery-operated gadget and does have a digital time display. It is made of memory foam material that is comfortable to step on and it comes with 6 alarm sound selections. Minimalist design that accentuates perfectly in your bedroom.

Don't wait, Get yours now!

Type: Alarm Clocks
Style: Europe
Shape: Square
Screen Type: LED
Display Type: Digital
Form: Single Face
Length: 400mm
Diameter: 400mm
Width: 380mm
Weight: 600g
Function: Touch Sensing
Material: Flannelette, memory foam;