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Sobakawa Cloud Pillow


Wake up every morning feeling well rested and refreshed

This amazing contoured pillow is filled with over 10 million micro-air beads that adjust to your head and neck for ultimate comfort and support. The unique bead won't break down or lose their shape and they allow air to flow though the  pillow for a cool comfort. This pillow is crescent-shaped and is designed to follow the contours of your neck and shoulders. As you move, millions of air beads move with you and absorb your movement, maintaining both comfort and support. After sleeping on this pillow you'll wake up feeling rested and refreshed every morning.


Pillow Material: Microfiber
Type of Sleeper: Any
Fill Type: Specialty
Product Features: Allergy Bedding, Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial, Eco-Friendly
Care Instruction: Machine Wash
Pillow Type: Bed
Firmness: Medium-Soft
Color: White