Solar Auto Fan

Keep your car cool through sun power conversion

Do you find your car unbearably hot after leaving it under the hot sun for awhile? Chances are, like many others, you don't have anything to put on your window to block out the sun so the heat just circulated inside and you're left to bear it more until you turn the air conditioning on. This solar-powered cooler, though, once installed on your window, uses the energy from the sun to cool your car by drawing out the heat from the interior directly outside of your car. Now, even if you leave your car parked out under the hot sun, it will stay cool because of this awesome device. Order yours today!

Color: Black
Size:14.8cm x 11.2cm x 6cm
Material: Plastic
Net Weight: 261.9g
Package Includes:
1 x Solar Power Car Window Fan
1 x Strip